Bigg Boss 2020 Promo & Starting Date

BIGG BOSS 2020 Promo:

New promo of Bigg Boss 2020 has been announced. Salman khan was in his panvel farmhouse from the outbreak condition of COVID-19.

But now everything has come back to the normal situations after many months. All the people, all the fields and all the entertainment shows are back soon. Bigg Boss 2020 also hosted by Salman khan, he promised to all the people, all the fans about Bigg Boss 14 will be started very soon. We know about bigg boss house theme, which is ‘’jungle theme’’ and contestants of bigg boss 2020 are both celebrities and commoners.

Nowadays Salman Khan shoots new promo for Bigg Boss 2020 Online in an empty theater and having popcorn, he looks amazing in the promo in a good way, he promotes season 14 of bigg boss in an empty theater.

He said, ‘’ 2020 Ne Uthaya Manoranjan Pe Swal,….Jashan Manate Hoe Den Ge Utar,….Scene PalteGa Ab, Kyunk 2020 Ko Dega Bigg Boss Jawab’’. Means he says, in entertainment history, 2020 raised a lot of questions but for answering these questions bigg boss is always ready. Because crona breaks the speed of life in all fields.

In another teaser Salman khan says,

’’ Normal life me lockdown laya speed breaker. Is Liye chawal uga raha hu aur chala raha hu tracker. Ab scene platega bigg boss 2020’’. He shoots this promo from his panvel farmhouse. All life routines changed due to COVID-19.

Bigg Boss 2020 Online


That’s why this biggest reality show won’t start in their time and delay with the passage of time because of coronavirus. Now all the crismistances are under control and Bigg boss 2020 starts very soon according to the media reports and Salman khan teasers.

Bigg Boss 2020 STARTING DATE:

Salman khan is also seems to be happy and ready to start this reality show for the entertainment of all the people. The management completed all the work with precautions and some main rules for the contestants.

According to many reports of the media, bigg boss reality shows have been started in the film city mumbai from 4th October 2020 on Colors Tv. An episode for introduction of contestants will be shot on 25 september for bigg boss 14 candidates.

This is the first season which delayed much because of coronavirus. For bigg boss show salman khan charged 16 crore per episode, but now he also shoots some points of bigg boss 2020 promo videos from his farmhouse.

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